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double back-end redundant 
network security solution. 

We do technology. 

Clients Are Stupid

It's better if we just clear this up before you hire us. Clients are stupid. All of them. No exceptions. If they weren't stupid, they wouldn't hire us. The only smart thing they ever did was to hire us. So perhaps they're not completely stupid. But they're not not-stupid enough to be considered anything less than stupid. And you're not us. You're not smart. You're the client. That makes you stupid.

Clients are always calling us with stupid questions. We hate that. But we charge them a lot of money, so we have to pretend to like them. And we have to pretend they're not stupid when they're saying really stupid shit. And that's not easy. But we make it look easy because we're so smart.

You probably have trouble anytime someone sends you an email with an attachment. So how do you think you can cross-configure the Perl scripts on your CMS module? You probably think pop-up windows are made with some kind of special internet magic, so how do you expect to encrypt your POP3 compliance regulators? See what we mean? You're not smart.
All of our clients were happy to work with us but our web-site is too small for their complete list.
If you don't belive our words belive their logos.